Murata Invites Visitors to View Demonstrations Including Unicycling Robot and RFID Capabilities at Electronica 2010



Murata's ingenious unicycling robot - Murata Girl

Murata will be exhibiting at Electronica 2010 in Munich, Germany, 9-12 November 2010, on booth B5:107. The company will demonstrate its unicycling robot, Murata Girl, alongside the flexibility of its RFID technology, MAGICSTRAP®, plus its micro-blower spot cooling device and other solutions for consumer, automotive and industrial electronics. Murata Power Solutions will also be showcasing AC-DC and DC-DC products on the Murata booth. Technical experts from both Murata and Murata Power Solutions will be on hand to answer any questions about the companies' extensive product offering. Visitors will be able to see a demonstration from Murata Girl, the unicycling robot. Murata Girl's ultrasound sensors enable her to keep a fixed distance away from moving objects; there are sensors front and back enabling her to ride forwards and backwards. She has a gyro sensor and a flywheel in her chest which help her to keep her balance. Like her older cousin Murata Boy, her batteries are carried in her backpack. Murata's RFID technology will also be demonstrated live on the booth, focusing on MAGICSTRAP®. This product is a multilayer ceramic RFID module for the UHF band, which includes the IC alongside antenna matching circuitry. This matching circuitry allows the utilisation of existing metallic structures in products or packages as a booster antenna. It can for example use the ground plane of a PCB or the metallisation layer of a pharmaceutical blister pack as an antenna. Even without a booster antenna, MAGICSTRAP® can serve as a tag and conforms to EPC Global C1G2 and ISO-18000-6C. Its overall dimensions are just 3.2 x 1.6 x 0.55mm. The RFID demonstration, realised with partners, will focus on MAGICSTRAP® integrated into a complete system and its flexibility as the ideal solution for the electronics industry. Once Murata's RFID module is applied to the PCB it can be used not only for simple process control or traceability. As the UHF RFID will give enough read range, it can also serve as a means for anti-counterfeiting and supply chain management. The product equipped with the MAGICSTRAP® will literally become the RFID tag. Another demonstration will show the capability of MAGICSTRAP® to function as a complete tag in the close communication range (approximately 1cm), while using standard UHF RFID equipment. Due to its tiny size, MAGICSTRAP® can be easily be embedded or moulded into products in order to serve as hidden protection against counterfeiting. Murata will also show its range of upcoming RFID products, including RW-modules for HF and UHF, as well as new variants of MAGICSTRAP® which include a version for the HF band. Murata will also be demonstrating its piezoelectric micro-blower device at Electronica 2010. The compact and very low profile device produces a jet of air which can be used in applications such as providing forced-air cooling in confined spaces, as well as many other non-cooling applications such as air pumps or air-freshening systems.