New 1020 nm LED with new packaging with high optical radiation


FUTURELED improved another peak wavelength above 1000 nm to provide more power for applications in medical, automotive and space solutions

FUTURELED's leading role in high power LEDs is strengthened by the 1020 nm high power LED in the new 480 packaging. The significantly improved optical output at 1020 nm enables simplified solutions in sun simulation with LEDs, improved automotive and space applications as well as new solutions in sensor tasks. A real choice of LED beyond 1000 nm plays a crucial role in many applications.


FUTURELEDs FLD-LED-480-1020 LED is a leading emitter above 1000 nm and a valuable source of light for space applications, automotive and medical applications and in many sensors. The new peak wavelength fills a gap in the lineup above 1000 nm to more efficiently fine tune systems working with absorption, reflections and reception of light. 1020 nm in this new high power LED opens new fields of applications and can help improve existing products. A compact ceramic packaging and overdrive options complete the LED’s key features and broaden the range of uses.


LED based sun simulation requires many LED with ideally constant steps and high output power to replicate the sun’s spectrum. The 1020 nm 480-LED helps to fit the reference spectrum even better.


Sensor applications, like in automotive and medical applications, make use of the peak wavelength and the high output power. Better SNR and more robust measurements can be easily achieved.


Quality inspection in food processing can be done faster with less complex set-ups and far less maintenance while precision is increased. Compact LED designs with high brightness enable cost efficient systems for the ever rising demand of quality monitoring.


The FLD-LED-480-1020 makes compact systems for tomorrow’s applications a reality.


The 1020 nm is also available as low and mid power and as a chip on board confection.