New Power Architecture for AC/DC Converters

Ally Winning


Eggtronic has launched QuarEgg+, a power architecture that improves the efficiency and reduces the size of AC/DC converters.

The company claims that the new architecture is an alternative to active clamp flyback (ACF) and quasi-resonant (QR) topologies. However, it does operate in a similar way to the ACF topology. According to Eggtronic CEO, Igor Spinella the secret sauce is in the custom controller, which runs an algorithm to ensure that Zero Voltage Switching is accomplished under all load conditions to give very flat light-load-to-full-load efficiency curves. The end result is lower frequency-dependent losses, no looses related to high-side driving and no need for a burst mode. This is achieved without the active clamp. The peak efficiency of the new architecture tops out at 93.1%, similar to an ACF topology, however, the light load efficiency of QuarEgg+ designs is higher. Power consumption is further reduced thanks to the ultra-low standby power of less than 18 mW. Elimination of a high-voltage, high-side clamping MOSFET minimizes component count and improves reliability, while smooth transient response reduces EMI to simplify filtering requirements.


QuarEgg+ is the first in a series of power conversion architectures that make up the Eggtronic EcoVoltas family. Specifically developed to deliver smaller, higher efficiency power conversion, this family of technologies will help engineers to meet performance, cost, size, weight and sustainability goals. EcoVoltas solutions boost the performance of FET switching devices, whether they are based on legacy silicon or wide bandgap materials such as gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC). They also drive down no-load ‘vampire’ power and reduce the overall Bill of Materials (BoM).


Eggtronic claims that the better overall efficiency of QuarEgg+ designs will allow power converters that are up to seven times more efficient and three times smaller than traditional silicon converters and up to three times more efficient and twice as small as previous GaN converters.


To help speed the development of AC/DC applications built on QuarEgg+ technology, Eggtronic will be offering both GaN-based and silicon-based QuarEgg+ products with power outputs of 35 W, 45 W and 60 W. Output options include USB PD, fixed voltage and CC CV. Development boards, integrated power controllers, a range of proprietary magnetic components and comprehensive technical support will also be available.


To assist in the further development of QuarEgg+ and other new power technologies, the European Investment Bank (EIB) will fund Eggtronic with a €15 million loan. The investment has been made possible by a contribution from the European Guarantee Fund, part of the European Union's €540 billion response to the economic difficulties and production slowdowns caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


The EIB financial support will contribute to Eggtronic’s research and development for marketing its technologies. There will also be additional funds through EIB financing to help Eggtronic conduct its own research into wireless charging. The Italian company has produced the first prototypes for the position-free wireless charging of TVs, laptops and appliances, in line with new wireless charging concepts making it possible to charge a wide range of appliances safely and in an environmentally friendly way.