New StudioPro DMX Digital Decoders Simplify DMX


Digital displays and stand-alone modes make DMX lighting easy

SAN DIEGO -- Environmental Lights announced the launch of their new line of StudioPro DMX Digital Decoders.

StudioPro DMX Digital Decoders take DMX to the next level by simplifying DMX while providing enhanced performance and greater functionality in a high-quality decoder. The StudioPro DMX Digital Decoders are highly configurable and feature a convenient digital display that allows the setting of DMX addresses without the use of DIP switches.

StudioPro DMX Digital Decoders are available in configurations of 5, 12 or 24 channels. All models are 12 or 24 VDC input and output and support an 8-bit or 16-bit gray scale control on the output channels. They are also RDM-enabled for additional control.

Standalone Mode

All StudioPro DMX Digital Decoders have a convenient standalone mode, which allows for simple use with preconfigured DMX programs and eliminates the need for additional software. Additionally, the standalone mode can be used to set the decoder as a master controller when paired with other decoders. The 5-channel decoders feature both individual channel control and 31 dynamic modes, while the 12- and 24-channel decoders feature both individual channel control and four color-changing modes.

High Capacity

Users can pick the capacity to match the needs of their project.

  • 5-channel: up to 8 amps per channel
  • 12-channel: up to 5 amps per channel
  • 24-channel: up to 4 amps per channel

StudioPro DMX Digital Decoders are available exclusively on