New Ultra-Low Emissions Package for Energy Transition



Aggreko announces the launch of its 1300 kW Ultra-Low Emissions Package, a world-class power generation system that reduces up to 99% of all controlled emissions from generator exhaust streams. Tailored to fit any project situation, the Ultra-Low Emissions Package is designed to meet strict federal air quality restrictions for faster deployment and long-term use while significantly reducing environmental impact.

The system’s emission levels are certified to be 90% lower than the best reciprocating engine and turbine available on the market, and 99% lower than the federal limits (see graph attached to release).

Aggreko’s Ultra-Low Emissions Package includes:


  • 1300 kW of continuous power output
  • A selective catalyst reducer (SCR) that separates harmful nitrous oxide into nitrogen and oxygen
  • An oxidation catalyst that converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide in a highly efficient combination


  • Cuts all controlled exhaust stream emissions by as much as 99%
  • Emission levels are 90% lower than the next best available technology on the market, and 99% lower than the federal limits
  • Reduces environmental footprint
  • Helps expedite air quality permits
  • Suitable for long-term use and allows for more equipment on-site

Climate change is a global challenge that Aggreko takes seriously as leaders in the temporary power space. The company is working hard to evolve its business for a low carbon future. To achieve this goal, Aggreko is leading its customers to adopt better energy solutions by incorporating sustainable products and technologies to meet their energy needs, investing in efficiency projects, applying low-carbon design principles, and evaluating emissions reduction in technologies.

Now available to all sectors, but especially designed for oil and gas, mining, and utilities, the Ultra-Low Emissions Package is just one way Aggreko is working with its customers to lead the energy transition. To learn more, visit here.