New Würth Elektronik RJ45-10G-LAN transformers


New Würth Elektronik RJ45-10G-LAN transformers

Three tab-down models join the existing Ethernet connectors with integrated transformer in tab-up design. These models have the recess for the connector tab on the underside. All four new RJ45 integrated transformer connectors feature an extremely low-profile package. One of the models is especially suitable for particularly flat assemblies and is inserted into a recess in the board. The star among the new entrants is an RJ45 with integrated transformer that optimally exploits the possibilities of Power-over-Ethernet: Up to 100 W of power can be sent over the data line (4PPoE).


The additional freedom in electronics design is combined with the high-quality workmanship of the Würth Elektronik Ethernet connectors. Just as an example: In contrast to standard RJ45 connectors with integrated transformer and common mode choke, the WE-RJ45 10G from Würth Elektronik are specified for the industrial temperature range from -40 to +85°C. They are especially suited for 10G Base-T Ethernet applications with up to 100 meters cable length, such as office and factory access points, gateways, servers, high-speed routers and switches, as well as HDBaseT. The newcomers also include a transformer with a fifth channel for use with the corresponding PHY chips.


All WE-RJ45-10G series models are now available from stock without a minimum order quantity. A design kit is available as well as the possibility of ordering free samples.