NXP GreenChip Platform shrinks size of laptop power adapters



NXP Semiconductors introduced the GreenChip™ TEA1836 and TEA1892 platform that enables the design of ultra-small 45W adapters and power supplies for notebooks, ultra-light notebooks, set top boxes and other devices. With tight integration and limited number of external components, a smaller, lighter, and highly efficient 45W (adapter) power supply can be developed.

New energy regulations like those from the U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Star, and the European Code of Conduct have created the need for a new generation of power supply IC’s with a feature set and smart power management modes that reflect the needs of more advanced systems like high efficient notebook adapters. The TEA1836 GreenChip, an AC/DC controller, and the TEA1892, a Synchronous Rectification controller, offer a more efficient power supply with lower standby power losses in the consumer, computing (peripherals), and communications commodity applications.

Combining both parts enables the design of a highly efficient, very small size adapter. The efficiency exceeds 93%, allowing the components inside to be well within thermal limits despite the small form factor. In addition, this adapter features a very low standby power while the output is still in full regulation at the intended output voltage.

“Energy efficiency continues as a focus for product developers as regulators worldwide place increasing importance on reducing energy consumption. GreenChip, with over a billion units shipped, has a long proven history of improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions,” said Marcel van Roosmalen, general manager, product line power solutions, NXP Semiconductors. “The combination of the TEA1836 and the TEA1892 enables very high efficiency and low standby power consumption in a form factor getting close to half the size of a candy bar. The increased power density allows integration of power adapters and battery charges into the wall plug itself.”

Key Features:
• Very high efficiency (>93%) enabling small size adapters.
• Low standby power consumption (<30mW) while the output is still in full regulation.
• The 45 W adapter has a casing temperature under full load conditions below 55 ⁰C

The TEA1836 is in full mass production, the TEA1892 is available for sampling now.