ON Semiconductor addresses modern power design challenges at APEC 2013



ON Semiconductor, driving innovation in energy efficiency, is showcasing its latest power efficient product advances at APEC 2013, March 17 - 21, 2013, in Long Beach, California. The new devices are designed for boosting performance and simplifying the design of offline power supplies, AC lighting infrastructure and motor control systems. Targeted for high efficiency, compact, switch-mode power supplies for power adaptors, the NCP1937is a quasi-resonant (QR) flyback controller device with power factor correction (PFC). This is the first AC-DC device utilising a hybrid digital core architecture enabling higher efficiency, increased flexibility and easier system design implementation. The device incorporates all the features necessary for building a robust and compact PFC stage in combination with a QR flyback stage while minimising the number of external components. The quasi-resonant current-mode flyback stage features a proprietary valley-lockout circuitry, ensuring stable valley switching. It has wide voltage range spanning 9 volts (V) to 30 V, plus built-in over-voltage protection, and a skip mode operation which enables higher efficiency in light load conditions. The NCP1937 will be demonstrated in an 85 watt (W) Notebook Adapter showcasing the industry's leading <10 milliWatt (mW) no load standby power. The NCP1255/NCP1254 is a fixed frequencyPWM controller designed for applications requiring peak power capability. Offered in SOIC-8 and TSOP-6 packages, it operates with a fixed 65 kilohertz (kHz) switching frequency with the ability to scale the frequency up to 130 kHz based on output load requirements. In light load conditions with the power on the secondary side decreasing, the IC automatically folds back its switching frequency to a minimum level (26 kHz). The inclusion of adjustable over-power protection and adjustable brown-out protection functions make this device ideal for products requiring peak-power capabilities such as printers, and ultrabooks. The NCP1255 will be demonstrated in a 15 W nominal 55 W peak power printer adapter. For LED power supply applications, the high functional integration of theNCL30081 PWM controller IC minimises the number of external components required for AC powered LED lighting designs. It operates in a quasi-resonant mode to enhance overall efficiency and provides precision regulation of the LED current from the primary side. Dispensing with the need for secondary side feedback control, as well as the associated optocoupler and biasing circuitry, the device is specifically intended for very compact space efficient designs utilising either flyback or buck-boost topologies. It supports step dimming by monitoring the AC line and detecting when the line has been toggled on-off-on by the user to reduce the light intensity in five steps down to five percent dimming. The NCL30081 will be demonstrating the step dimming functionality and compact system solution in a standard GU10 bulb design. The NSIC2020 is a linear constant current regulator based on Self-Biased Transistor (SBT) technology. Because these devices do not require the specification of any external components, they can serve as either high or low side regulators, thus offering a streamlined solution that makes the development process more straight forward and maximises design flexibility. This compact SMB packaged device is capable of regulating current over a wide voltage range (from 0 V to 120 V). Its negative temperature coefficient enables protection of LED emitters from thermal runaway at extreme voltages and currents. Also on display at the ON Semiconductor booth will be the LV8702V a high efficiency stepper motor driver IC housed in a compact SSOP package and targeted at office automation equipment applications (multi-function printers, copiers, scanners, etc.). It is capable of dramatically lowering no-load power consumption and peak motor current, thereby maximising energy efficiency in system designs. The company's latest 1200 V IGBTs using trench field stop topologies and 40 ampere (A) current ratings will be also be featured. Offering both low on state voltage and minimal switching loss, the IGBT is well suited for motor drive control and other hard switching applications. Visit ON Semiconductor at APEC at Booth 230.

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