pHEMT Platform Integrates High Performance 0.1um GaAs pHEMT With Monolithic PIN and Vertical Schottky Diodes


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Offering increased integration, PIH0-03 combines high performance diode options with WIN’s mature 0.1um pHEMT platform to provide power and low noise applications with on-chip limiters, detectors, mixers, PIN switch and ESD protection

TAOYUAN, Taiwan -- WIN Semiconductors Corp has expanded its portfolio of highly integrated GaAs technologies with the release of a new pHEMT technology. The PIH0-03 platform incorporates monolithic PIN and vertical Schottky diodes with WIN’s high performance 0.1um pseudomorphic HEMT process, PP10. This integrated technology, PIH0-03, adds a highly linear vertical Schottky diode with cut-off frequency over 600GHz, as well as multi-function PIN diodes while preserving the state-of-the-art mmWave performance of the PP10 technology. The availability of monolithic PIN and Schottky diodes with a high performance mmWave transistor enables on-chip integration of a wide range of functions, including mixers, temperature/power detecting, limiters, and high frequency switching, and supports power, low noise and optical applications through100 GHz.

This integrated technology provides users with multiple pathways to add on-chip functionality and reduce the overall die count of complex multi-chip modules used in a variety of end-markets. In addition to high frequency switching, the monolithic PIN diodes can be used for low parasitic capacitance ESD protection circuits, and as an on-chip power limiter to protect sensitive LNAs in phased array radars. The vertical Schottky diodes enable numerous detecting and mixing functions and can be combined with the PIN diodes in unique limiter applications.

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