PowerSphyr Acquires Gill Electronics to Facilitate Development of Advanced Wireless Power Solutions


Acquisition adds engineering and manufacturing resources to accelerate time to market

DANVILLE, Calif.-- PowerSphyr, Inc., announced that it has successfully completed its acquisition of original design manufacturer, Gill Electronics.

Based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Gill Electronics is led by wireless power industry veterans and is a member of the board of the AirFuel Alliance. Gill Electronics is one of the only manufacturers of resonant magnetic systems to have deployed both AirFuel and FCC-approved products into the commercial infrastructure market.

The combined organization will now be the world’s leading wireless solutions provider offering advanced near field and far field solutions in a wide range of applications and industries and has built the first product to bridge the Qi and AirFuel Resonant standards.

“This acquisition is another step toward achieving our long-term strategic vision of revolutionizing wireless power delivery,” stated David Meng, CEO of PowerSphyr. “Wireless charging has become ubiquitous for consumer and mobile devices, and Gill Electronics’ experience in deploying resonant magnetic systems, combined with PowerSphyr’s expertise with multi-mode technology, will accelerate time-to-market for products and solutions which support AirFuel Resonant and backwards compatibility with Qi inductive.”

The combined organization will also bring a rich ecosystem of PowerSphyr-enabled products to market that will be the first to deliver the ease of use and elegance of design that consumers expect from wireless charging products.

Will Wright, Executive Vice President, Product Development of PowerSphyr, said: “In an active market where many have been trying to convert the mobile charging market from predominantly wired to wireless, this acquisition will allow PowerSphyr to serve a larger and more diverse assortment of OEM customers in automotive, consumer, industrial, and healthcare markets.

For more information, visit www.powersphyr.com.