Powervation's latest digital controllers provide auto-tuning & fast transient response



PV3203 & PV3205 digital dual-phase controllers

Powervation, an Intelligent Digital Power company, announced its latest series of digital DC/DC controllers for gaming & high-performance motherboards, embedded computing, networking, and telecom applications. The PV3203 & PV3205 digital dual-phase controllers provide fast transient response and new features to improve power supply & system performance, while reducing overall bill of material component cost.

This new series of digital controllers provides higher switching frequency, new configurable alert functionality, phase loss fault detection, and many other new features. Additionally, these controllers provide Powervation’s unique Auto-Control, the auto-tuning mode of Powervation’s leading xTune adaptive compensation architecture, which simplifies the design process and improves transient performance.

“Working closely with leaders in the gaming motherboard space, we developed these products to provide superior transient and jitter performance, while adding new features and more configurability to address the needs of this application,” commented David New, Powervation’s Vice President of Product Marketing. “With the help of our PowerSMART™ design tool, users are able to rapidly configure the controllers and optimize their design, delivering a key need for this market sector – time-to-market.”

Designed to deliver optimized performance while interfacing with most leading MOSFET driver and DrMOS solutions, the new controllers are highly flexible and configurable, and have been optimized to power DDR memory, PCH, and other point-of-load rails in computing & communications applications. The RoHS compliant devices are available now for sample and production orders. The PowerSMART™ design tool is offered at no charge, and is available for download from the Powervation website.

Summary of Key Features
• Dual Phase Digital DC/DC Controller with 0.6 V to 5.5 V VOUT Range
•  Automatic, Configurable Phase Add/Drop
•  Temperature Compensated Phase Current Sense & Matching
•  Digital Stress Share (DSS®) Bus for nɸ Current Sharing Operation
• Auto-Control® Real-Time Adaptive Loop Compensation
• SMBus Interface with PMBus™ Power System Management Protocol
• Lower Jitter and Improved Transient Performance
• ±0.5% VOUT, ±1.5% VIN, & ±3% IOUT Accuracy Over Temperature
• Precision Measurement & Telemetry Reporting
•  VOUT, IOUT, VIN, EOUT, Temperature, Duty Cycle, and Switching Frequency
• Extensive Fault Protection
•  Programmable OVP, OCP, SCP, LOS, UVLO, OVLO, and OTP
•  Phase Loss Fault
•  Temperature Compensated Faults
•  Programmable Latching & Auto-Restart
•  Configurable SALRT
• Single-Pin CONFIG with Memory for Eight Profile Tables
• Anti-Fuse Based Non-Volatile Memory (NVM)
•  -40°C to 125°C (20 year data retention rating)
• Programmable Frequency 375 kHz to 1.25 MHz
• Programmable VOUT, Voltage Tracking, Margining, & Sequencing
• Internal & External TSENSE