Premo's New Current Sensor Series



After successful introduction of the highest precision and linear current sensors in the industry, the DCT Fluxgate family, Premo is increasing its current sensors product portfolio with as many as 35 new families of Hall Effect current transducers that has been successfully presented in Electronica Exhibition. The primary currents range from as low as 10 amps to as high as 2000 amps with the new HCT-2000LF. The new closed loop Hall Effect current transducer form Premo, the HCT-2000LF is the largest current transducer of Premo Portfolio, a highly expected and demanded product by the designers of High Power Electronics. The series has an accuracy of 0.2% and linearity of 0.1% with a range starting as low as 4mA. The HCT-2000LF has a wide input supply symmetrical voltage to allow power supplies from 15 to 24 Volts then simplifying the need of DC voltage regulators and matching the most common DC supply buss standards in Power Control Electronics. Highly tolerant to noise and disturbance, it has been designed for full mechanical and functional compatibility with industry standards but its electronics and specially the hall effect sensing components have been chosen from high availability manufacturers. Its main innovation is its core. A new, cost-efficient and reliable Hall Effect sensor. The zero current offset can be trimmed and compensated by software by the customer application. This control electronics design allows Premo HCT 2000 LF to be a quick pin to pin compatible direct replacement of most known types that have long lead times. The product is completely sourced and produced in China and is currently available in 6-8 weeks. Samples and pilot orders from stock. Download this product datasheet: