PSDcast - Anthony Kongats on supercapacitor advancements and applications



Anthony Kongats, CAP-XX’s CEO

In this PSDcast, Anthony Kongats, CAP-XX's CEO discusses supercapacitor advancements and applications. As supercapacitors shrink, applications grow. CAP-XX's technology is now 600 microns, pushing down to 400 or 200 microns. Almost as thin as paper, prismatic supercapacitors as small as 45 millifarads are now used in smart credit cards, toll cards and IoT wearables to power transmissions for authentication and security, and in electronic shelf labels to power dynamic display changes. At the other end, large prismatic supercapacitors up to 6000 farads are being used in automotive applications for starting engines in large semis or buses in any condition when the battery is dead.  Kongats also reports that licensees Murata and AVX are doing well with CAP-XX's technology. Lastly, Kongats hints at CAP-XX's low-cost compact cylindrical supercapacitor line which has just launched. 

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