PSMA forms Transportation Power Electronics Committee


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Beginning in 2010 the PSMA Packaging Committee shifted its focus from the small end of the packaging spectrum; following completion of PSMA sponsored reports on Power Supply in Package (PSiP) / power supply on chip (PSoC), to higher power systems. Electric drive vehicles was selected as a target application to focus our efforts. The response to the APEC Industry Sessions in this focus area was extraordinary - most sessions were packed to standing room only. The level of interest within the Packaging Committee and PSMA membership in general has also been high. However, the Packaging Committee feels that this topic area should be treated more broadly than packaging and feels that it is time to turn the main focus of the Packaging Committee away from this special application focus area. As a result the formation of a new committee was recommended and approved by the PSMA Board of Directors. The purpose of the Transportation Power Electronics committee is: • Provide visibility to PSMA members of requirements for products and technology in this emerging and evolving market area • Expand PSMA membership to include companies with internal groups focused on power electronics for transportation / electric drive vehicles and companies serving the power electronics needs of this industry • Cover a broad array of topics applicable to successful expansion of power content in electric drive and hybrid electric vehicles including packaging, components, energy storage, power distribution, power conversion, and motor drive The committee Co-chairs are Ralph Taylor & Yunqi Zheng PSMA