PSMA power technology roadmap for 2013 now available



The Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) announced that The Power Technology Roadmap 2013 is now available for purchase by both PSMA members and non-members. This is the eighth edition in the roadmap series, which is now published every two years. The 2013 report forecasts the power technology and power delivery trends through 2017 and includes a feature-rich USB memory drive version containing the recorded webinars which were compiled to provide up-to-date industry information used in the final report. New this year, the 2013 report takes the "Applications Trends" section that was included in the 2011 Roadmap report and breaks it into two separate sections: Applications Trends and Technology Trends. The rationale for this approach is that technologies are not applications-specific they can be applicable across many power-related markets. In keeping with past reports, both sections still highlight respected commentary from industry experts. Also for the first time, the 2013 report used an online survey to gather trends data for four Power Supply Architecture segments. This increased participation provides a more accurate picture of where the industry is today and better helps forecast changes expected over the next two to five years. The 2013 report also includes comprehensive coverage of DC power distribution, an overview of nanotechnology applications for power electronics, the status and challenges for power-supply-on-chip (PSoC) and an overview of wireless power transfer. "The end result of the webinars, surveys, presentations and discussions is a comprehensive report by the PSMA that offers a consolidated view of the latest trends in the power management, power control and power delivery technologies," said Aung Thet Tu, Co-Chair of the organizing committee. "The breadth and depth of the information in this report is unprecedented and together captures the technical trends and issues facing the power sources industry. We hope industry professionals will find our 2013 report useful, thought provoking and valuable." Eric Persson, Co-Chair of the organizing committee, presented an overview of the 2013 PSMA Power Technology Roadmap at the Plenary session of APEC 2013. The PowerPoint slides from his presentation can be viewed at the APEC website. Persson said of the 2013 report: "Adding the Technology Trends section in this edition provides a more comprehensive look at the dependency between multiple cross segments of technology, products, components and applications." A copy of the printed and USB memory drive versions of 2013 PSMA Power Technology Roadmap has been sent to PSMA Regular and Associate member companies as a benefit of their membership. Additional copies may be purchased at the member price of $150. PSMA Affiliate members may also purchase the report for $150. PSMA