Pulse Electronics cuts product lead time by 50%



Pulse Electronics, a leading provider of electronic components, announced it has implemented significant changes to its manufacturing strategy resulting in a reduction in product lead-time to 4-5 weeks. This represents a 50% reduction over typical industry lead-times of 8-10 weeks. A majority of Pulse's products are included in the program. The program was launched after a series of discussions with key customers indicated that shorter lead-times were critical to their business success, and that, in turn, reduced component lead-times was an area where Pulse could make a significant impact. Reduced lead-times shorten the order-to-cash cycle, reduce inventory in the supply chain, lessen dependence on forecasts, enable quicker reaction to real orders, and provide better return on assets. As importantly, they also increase Pulse's flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs. "Long lead-times have historically caused a tremendous bottleneck in the supply chain, have slowed our customers' time-to-market, and increased costs," explained Alan Benjamin, COO, Pulse Electronics. "Our focus on reducing lead-time marks a major reorganization in Pulse's material and manufacturing operation and supply chain strategy. This is an example of Pulse's ongoing emphasis on operational excellence that supports customer initiatives and provides an industry-leading manufacturing capability." Pulse