Pure Sine Wave Inverters Offer Wide Input Ranges



ABSOPULSE has recently released the CSH 2K-3U7 series of rugged sine wave inverters for cranes and other severe environment applications. The inverters are designed to run peripheral equipment in crane operator cabins such as air conditioners, heaters and lights. They offer a 250Vdc nominal input voltage with a 230V to 600Vdc operating range. The high input voltage capability ensures that the inverters operate reliably with up to 600Vdc surge voltages on the input line. The units deliver 2kVA inverters deliver a clean sine wave output of 115Vac or 230Vac continuous.

ABSOPULSE’s CSH 2K-3U7 sine wave inverters offer an advantage over crane inverters with standard input ranges which typically fail when 250Vdc board voltage is subjected to high input surges.

Microprocessor controlled high frequency PWM technology enables high efficiency, compact construction and low weight. The input meets EN55022 Class A with wide margins (Class B option).  The units meet C22.2 No. 107.1 – 01, UL 458 and EN/UL60950-1 standards. Electronic protection includes 3000Vdc input to output isolation, inrush current limiting, output overload and short circuit protection, as well as thermal shutdown with automatic recovery.

The CSH 2K-3U7 inverters are cooled by high quality built-in fans and rated for operation over a 0 oC to +50oC temperature range without de-rating. Wider operating temperature requirements are available on request. The fans are equipped with filters to enable operation in dusty conditions. Conformal coating ensures protection against humidity and airborne contaminants.

ABSOPULSE offers a broad range of switching power supplies designed for operation on cranes and in other severe environment applications.