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Quasi-resonant flyback controller and integrated power IC CoolSET™ family of 5th generation


Complete fifth generation quasi-resonant controller and CoolSET product portfolio

Infineon Technologies AG introduces the fifth generation of the stand-alone quasi-resonant flyback controller and integrated power IC CoolSET™ family. The latest development in this family of devices offers improved efficiency, faster startup, and better overall performance under varying load conditions. The new ICs are especially designed for AC/DC switch mode power supplies in a great variety of applications such as aux power for home appliances, server, and industrial SMPS.

The latest 700 V and 800 V CoolMOS P7 families are integrated together with a fifth generation controller into a single package. The newly implemented cascode configuration for the high voltage MOSFET in combination with the internal current regulator provides fast startup. Light load performance is optimized through an Active Burst Mode (ABM) with selectable entry/exit thresholds.

The design of the device incorporates new algorithms to minimize the switching frequency spread between different line conditions and simplify EMI filter design. Device protection includes input over-voltage protection, brown in/out, pin short to ground, and over-temperature protection with hysteresis. All protection features are implemented with auto-restart to minimize any interruption to operation.


The complete fifth generation quasi-resonant controller and CoolSET product portfolio is available from May 2017. The controller can be ordered in an SMD package (DSO-8), and CoolSET in both SMD (DSO-12) and through-hole (DIP-7) packages. Further information is available at www.infineon.com/ACDC and www.infineon.com/coolset-gen5.

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