Quintic unveils wearable tech chip



Quintic 9020

Quintic, a leading developer of integrated nano-power wearable platforms, introduced its 9020 for wearable technology applications. The 9020 is designed specifically for the wearable technology market. It provides the best power consumption along with best performance on the market; enabling more intelligence in wearable devices.

The 9020 will allow OEMs to deliver products with better battery life and increase wireless performance. The 9020 also offers the highest processing capabilities; this enables OEMs to develop more intelligent products that provide consumers with useful and reliable data. The 9020 is the ideal platform for integration in smart watches, health care devices, fitness bands and devices, and sports apparel.

At CES 2014, Quintic will showcase the 9020’s superior capabilities highlighting its industry lowest power consumption, highest performance, and best processing capabilities with various demonstrations. Companies, engineers, and developers are invited to see these demonstrations; contact Quintic at inquiry@quinticcorp.com to schedule an appointment.

“Wearable devices for quantified-self is a burgeoning market; OEMs are racing to develop wearable fitness technology products with greater functionality,” said Quintic CEO Dr. Xiaodong Jin. “Quintic’s 9020 is the best performing platform on the market with the lowest power consumption; it allows OEMs to develop products that enhance the user experience.”

The 9020 features/specs:
- 8mA peak power consumption
- -95dBm Rx Sensitivity
- 32MHz ARM Cortex M0
- SRAM/Flash Memory Included
- ADC/Comparator/Timer
- DC-DC Switching Regulator

In addition to wearable products the 9020’s high-performance and flexibility make it a viable solution for other applications such as IoT (Internet of Things), smart home and M2M (Machine-to-Machine). 9020 modules and development kits are currently available. Also, the 9020 wearable platform for embedded applications is available; sampling price $1.50 per 1,000 units. For more information contact inquiry@quinticcorp.com.