RECOM Power's AC/DC Converters Shipping from Sager Electronics



Sager Electronics is now stocking RECOM Power’s RAC02E-K/277 & RAC03E-K/277 series 2W and 3W AC/DC converters.

RECOM Power's RAC02E-K/277 and RAC03E-K/277 series AC/DC modules are capable of 277 VAC with 4kVAC isolation. Providing versatile power in a compact space, these converters offer outputs ranging from 3.3V up to 24VDC and a footprint of 1.35" x .88" or 1.45" x .95" respectively and a low 15.4mm profile.

The RAC02E-K/277 and RAC03E-K/277 series offer a wide operating temperature range and are cost-effective solutions for IoT, IIoT and household applications requiring low-power AC/DC converters.

RECOM Power's RAC series AC/DC converters are in stock at Sager Electronics. Click here to learn more.