Reversed power conversion solution promises to revolutionize power applications



Driving LEDs with the LT-minus-1000 provides a cone of darkness where the LEDs are aimed

Linear Technology, a leader in power conversion, switching regulators and power supplies, has introduced a novel and revolutionary power conversion solution. Linear Technology announced the introduction of the LT-minus-1000. The new device, the LT-minus-1000, is a reversed power converter. Operating on normal dark input power, it supplies inverse power on the output. Designed for general purpose inverse power applications, it can supply up to inverse 30 watts.

This device is useful in many new applications. For example, driving LEDs with the LT-minus-1000 provides a cone of darkness where the LEDs are aimed. This is especially useful in automotive applications to dim high beams and in children’s rooms to prevent reading comic books under the covers with a flashlight. If the LT-minus-1000 is used to drive darkness emitting arsenide diodes (DEADs), light will be produced in proportion to the negative energy.

According to Bob Dobkin, Linear Technology CTO and Vice President, Engineering, “This is a radically new type of device. We have not explored all the applications yet. While the chip flew through development, an inverse power test system was very difficult. The problem was finally solved by reversing the plug in the wall.”

According to Steve Pietkiewicz, co-GM and Vice President, Power Management Products, “When this is used to power a WOM (write-only memory), data can easily be read. This taps into the huge re-permanent memory market.”

Don Paulus, co-GM and Vice President, Power Management Products added, “We look forward to integrating this new device into a family of inverse power µModule® products. These products leverage our growing applications expertise in the inverse power area and eliminate the need for customers to source the rare, and somewhat dangerous, inverse inductors.”

Bill Schweber, analog industry writer and observer, commented, “This breakthrough in reversed power promises to transform power use as we know it. We can imagine a new world of power-fueled innovations, unleashed by Bob Dobkin’s simple, but elegant solution. I look forward to lighting my granddaughter’s room with some darkness emitting arsenide diodes before long.” Bill Schweber added, “They say there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ when it comes to energy and power, but this device demonstrates otherwise.”

Linear Technology has worked for many years perfecting the negative energy converter and is proud to announce it this year. While this device is only 30 watts, higher power devices are under development to allow toaster ovens to operate as refrigerators. Sampling begins April 1, 2025.

Linear Technology