Rutronik adds Infineon StrongIRFET 2 Power MOSFETs


The new StrongIRFET 2 power MOSFETs in 80 V and 100 V are the latest generation of Infineon‘s MOSFET technology for a wide range of applications.

They are suitable for both low and high switching frequencies. This new technology offers 40 percent improved RDS(on) and over 50 percent lower gate charge (Qg) compared to previous StrongIRFET™ devices. The higher power efficiency thus generated ensures improved overall system performance. The Infineon StrongIRFET 2 power MOSFETs are available at


Higher nominal currents enable higher current capability. This eliminates the need to connect multiple devices in parallel, resulting in lower BOM costs and PCB savings.


Thanks to different package types (TO-220 FullPAK; in CY2022 additionally: D 2PAK, D 2PAK 7-pin and DPAK), the right StrongIRFET™ 2 can be found for almost all requirements.


The robust power MOSFETs are suitable for a wide range of consumer applications, such as adapters, televisions, power tools and garden equipment, as well as in industrial and automotive environments, such as robotics, motor drives, battery management and light electric vehicles, e.g. e-scooters.