Samsung may be mulling an AMD acquisition

Joel Hruska, ExtremeTech



Rumors broke today, sparked by a Korean business site, that Samsung may be considering making a bid for AMD. It’s not unusual for these kinds of rumors to make the rounds, though it’s been awhile since I heard Samsung’s name floated. Any such acquisition would mark a sea change for the Sunnyvale-based company, and for the enthusiasts that have been its long-term customers. Why would Samsung buy AMD? There are several reasons why Samsung might buy AMD. Advanced Micro Devices is one of the few companies with experience in designing both the CPU and GPU halves of a custom SoC. Imagination Technologies and Nvidia both have much more experience building smartphone and tablet hardware, but these companies are on better financial footing and would likely cost significantly more — assuming either was interested in a sale to start with. Read more at ExtremeTech.