Schaffner White Paper on EV Charging


Schaffner has produced a whitepaper for designers of battery and hybrid electric vehicle charging stations.

The whitepaper provides guidance on the following key topics:

•         Which safety requirements must be met in EV charging.

•         Which EMC limit values are set for EV charging stations.

•         The critically important requirements for galvanic isolation in EV charging stations

•         What options are there for customer-specific developments in the field of EV charging

Schaffner’s long experience and expertise in safely meeting the most stringent EMC requirements in the electrotechnical world provides designers with the means to make

the energy revolution possible.

Holger Urban, Product Marketing Manager of Schaffner, comments, “Electromobility is considered one of the main drivers in current global megatrends - Electrification, Urbanisation, Digitalisation and Climate Change. For this reason, we see it as our task to provide cutting-edge technology to this critical market.”