SCR Controller Provides Smallest Industry Footprint


New Thyro-A+ substantially increases control accuracy in the industry’s smallest design footprint to meet big challenges

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. announced the expansion of its market-leading line of SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) power controllers with its new Thyro-A+ for precision industrial and semiconductor heating applications. Thyro-A+ provides customers with next-generation SCR accuracy and load monitoring, the industry’s smallest design footprint and new digital control capabilities for precision heating, melting, drying and forming applications.

Thyro-A+ has a completely redesigned control engine, enabling a 16x increase to measurement sampling rate over the Thyro-A, for enhanced control accuracy, which substantially improves process uniformity and repeatability, reduces energy consumption, and increases process throughput in precision heating applications.It comes with the industry’s smallest design footprint, delivering industry-leading power density. Featuring a new optional LED display for easy commissioning or visualization, Thyro-A+ offers a number of advanced digital capabilities for remote controlling, self-monitoring and a digital control interface for integration with other connected factory software and applications to deliver on the promise of Industry 4.0.

Thyro-A+ rounds out AE’s Thyro family of power controllers, which includes Thyro-S, Thyro-A eco, Thyro-A and Thyro-PX series. Thyro-A+ has a new powerful controller, which deliverson industry-leading accuracy, load monitoring and control of power for heating elements, resistive loads and transformer loads in a wide range of heating applications. The design provides lightning-fast installation and replacement with “copy-paste” configuration profiles that easily transfer system parameters between multiple SCR power controllers. Customers reduce system installation costs with the most compact SCR footprint available, and a wide variety of fieldbus protocols allow for the most efficient installation possible, allowing for effortless integration into existing enterprise applications for critical thermal processes.

For detailed product information and technical specifications, visit the Thyro-A+ page on AE’s website