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SiC Diodes Include an Optimized Forward Voltage Drop


United Silicon Carbide, Inc., announces the release of 650V and 1200V MPS SiC Diodes from its 6-inch platform.  Features include an optimized forward voltage drop, enhanced surge capability, and the industry’s lowest Qc (Qrr).  The diodes are ideally suited for telecom power, server PSUs, battery chargers, and any application that requires high switching speeds and reduced losses. The diodes are qualified according to AEC-Q101 standards and manufactured in a TS 16949 certified supply chain making them ideal for automotive applications.

The new UJ3D series is USCi’s third generation and consists of 650V / 4A, 6A, 8A, 2x8A, 10A, 2x10A, 30A, and 2x30A in TO-220 and TO-247 as well as 1200V / 2A, 5A, 2x5A, 10A, 2x10A, and 50A devices.

Datasheets may be found at http://unitedsic.com/schottky-diodes/ and samples may be obtained at www.unitedsic.com/saleschannel or contact sales@unitedsic.com

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