SIGA expands with Stabilised Transformers acquisition


Enhanced SIGA High Voltage/High Power transformer capabilities

SIGA Electronics has expanded its business in High Voltage and High Power transformers through the acquisition of the business and assets of Stabilised Transformers.


“The acquisition offers significant benefits to Stabilised Transformers as well as to SIGA customers,” commented Richard Thrussell, General Manager of SIGA Electronics. “Stabilised Transformers customers will continue to enjoy access to the products, technology and service that they have always received, but now delivered from within the context of a much larger organisation offering many additional capabilities and opportunities. SIGA has the opportunity to expand through access to the Stabilised Transformers customer base and technology. Specifically, it can offer its customers the company’s High Voltage and High Power transformer technology to its full customer base.Stabilised Transformers Ltd has manufactured and supplied transformers to UK and export markets for nearly 50 years. It acquired W. Groves in 2002 and Current Transformer Technology in 2009. These businesses have now been incorporated into Stabilised Transformers extending both the product range and customer base. Stabilised Transformers recently achieved certification to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 for the design and manufacture of transformers, wound components and associated equipment and is MOD approved. Its business is highly complementary to SIGA (Electronics), a leading manufacturer of high-quality transformers and other wound components within the Swedish KAMIC Group of technology businesses. SIGA focusses on design led solutions based on product customisation with R&D and engineering being a key element of the service.