Silego Technology claims world’s thinnest plastic power package



Silego Technology introduced the Lo-Z ETDFN (Extreme Thin DFN) package. The Lo-Z package deploys the latest state of art flip chip on lead frame packaging technology that achieves a new record in thinness at only 0.27 mm!

“The 0.27 mm package height allows active semiconductor devices to be placed into extremely height constrained regions of the PCB traditionally reserved for thin passive devices,” said John McDonald, Silego’s VP of Marketing. “This development opens up additional form factor possibilities in handheld mobile devices and wearable consumer electronics.” McDonald continued, “Silego is planning to deploy this package as an option for many Silego product families including our popular GPAK Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix and GCLK 32.768 kHz crystal replacement product families.”

The Lo-Z technology is superior to WLCSP. For example, Lo-Z parts are half the package height as compared to WLCSP packages. Moreover, Lo-Z provides additional protection from ambient light and cracking so often associated with handling WLCSPs. The superior mechanical design allows standard PCB manufacturing flows to handle the Lo-Z device.

Silego’s first product introduced in the Lo-Z package is the SLG59M1493Z GreenFET3 load switch. SLG59M1493Z is an 8 pin single channel load switch with 1.0 x 1.6 x 0.27 mm height. This device supports a linear voltage ramp control with adjustable ramp rate. The device switches power rails from 1.0 V to 5.0 V up to 2.5 A continuous. The Rds(ON) is rated and regulated at 17 mΩ.

Target applications: 
Wearable electronics and fitness watches 
Flexible Displays and RF modules 
Smartphones, tablets and notebooks 
Ultra-thin form factor designs

Silego Technology