Smart Transceiver Supports LonWorks and BACnet Protocols



Ability to use Multiple Protocols on Same Network Revolutionizes Field Integration for 
Building Automation and Industrial Control Applications

SANTA CLARA, CA – Adesto Technologies Corporation announced that its FT 6050 Smart Transceiver system-on-chip (SoC) now natively supports LON, LON/IP, BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/TP protocol stacks – uniquely enabling the popular LON and BACnet industrial protocols to communicate simultaneously over the highly reliable and widely adopted Free Topology (FT) channel.

Adesto’s FT 6050 Smart Transceiver will modernize and simplify automation and control networks, especially in smart buildings. Its unique and powerful open systems approach allows BACnet workstations and LON network manager and integrator tools to natively field-configure, provision and monitor controllers as either LON or BACnet devices, or both. This enables a flexible architecture that combines the best of both worlds, all while taking advantage of the easy to install, fault tolerant and scalable FT media. For OEMs, the FT 6050 can enable differentiated architectures with fewer SKUs needed in inventory, while making the integrator’s job dramatically easier and more flexible for both retrofits and new installations.

FT 6050 Smart Transceiver SoC
The FT 6050 Smart Transceiver SoC is a key product in Adesto’s embedded IoT platform — one of the most comprehensive and open control networking platforms for the Industrial IoT. It is also supported in both LON and BACnet configurations by Adesto’s new SmartServer IoT, an open and extensible industrial edge server that supports multiple protocols and applications, enabling the convergence of diverse systems into a single edge networking and compute platform.

New enhancements to the FT 6050 include native support for all BACnet features, as well as improvements to the memory architecture to allow for larger, higher fidelity applications, enabling creation of extensive systems. The FT 6050 is supported by integrated open system products including:

•    SmartServer IoT’s BACnet and LON router and network managers
•    IzoT Net Server, an open platform software for creating and managing a network of devices
•    IzoT Commissioning Tool, an easy-to-use, front-end graphical user interface (GUI) for creating a device network using drag-and-drop capabilities

The FT 6050 is available now with reduced volume pricing. Adesto is also expanding licensing opportunities for the LON and BACnet combined stack to device makers. For information, visit