Software Accelerates System Development for FPGA Designs



Lattice Semiconductor Corporation announced availability of the latest version of its popular software design tool for FPGAs, Lattice Radiant 2.1. The version includes support for the company’s new general-purpose Lattice Certus-NX FPGAs, the second family introduced within six months using Lattice Nexus FPGA development platform, plus native support for the SystemVerilog hardware description and verification language to increase functionality and design flexibility. Lattice Radiant design software accelerates development of Lattice FPGA-based applications for a range of markets, including industrial/automotive, communications/compute, and consumer.

The new version of Radiant supports SystemVerilog throughout the entire design flow, from the native synthesis tool through the schematic viewer, hierarchical viewer, configuration wizards, and debugging tool. This highly productive coding method simplifies on-chip debugging and other tasks to streamline the design process and get Lattice FPGA-based products to market faster. Lattice has made Radiant even easier to use as the tool’s drag-and-drop GUI has been redesigned with support for an I/O planner that enforces correct pin placement for each I/O signal or bus.

Incomparison to design software offered by other FPGA vendors, Lattice Radiant provides best-in-class file size and download times. Radiant software is 20x smaller in file size and 10x faster to install than the competition, so customers can quickly download the tool and start designing their Lattice FPGA-based applications.

In addition to the Certus-NX family, Lattice Radiant also supports the CrossLink-NX FPGAs for embedded and smart visions applications, as well as the ultra-low power, small form factor Lattice iCE40 UltraPlus FPGAs.

For more information about the Lattice Certus-NX FPGA family and the Lattice Radiant design software, please visit Lattice Semiconductor.