“Solar Justice” movement lights lives for Earth Day



MPOWERD’s Solar Justice campaign highlights the environmental – and social – ramifications of energy poverty

MPOWERD announced the launch of a campaign aimed at raising awareness about energy poverty, delivering solar lights to communities living off-the-grid, and inspiring an international, grassroots Solar Justice movement as a call-to-action to provide clean energy to the 1.5 billion living without access to electricity.

Coinciding with Earth Day, MPOWERD’s Solar Justice campaign highlights the environmental – and social – ramifications of energy poverty as well as the tremendous benefits of solar energy on catalyzing development. Fuel-based lighting, such as kerosene lamps, emits over 240 million metric tons of CO2 into the air annually, which is equivalent to emissions of about 30 million cars. Indoor pollution from these fuels is responsible for millions of premature deaths each year. Energy poverty is also a constraint to progress in education, economic savings, and community safety.

“MPOWERD was born out of the challenges we saw being faced by more than 80% of Haitian citizens. It was quickly evident that this reality was not unique to Haiti, but rather endured by nearly half the globe,” says Jacques-Philippe Piverger, CEO and co-founder of MPOWERD. “The Solar Justice campaign being launched today and being so well received by leading institutions and influencers gives us hope that eradication of energy poverty is within our reach. We are the change we wish to see. And only through collective action can our objective be achieved.”

Through its 45-day Solar Justice campaign, MPOWERD aims to send at least 2,500 Luci solar lights to communities across the globe by inviting global citizens to purchase discounted lights for the cause. The total number of donated lights will positively impact 12,500 lives and eliminate 800,000 kg of CO2 from our shared air. MPOWERD’s non-profit organization partners will distribute the lights in some of the most economically and socially challenged communities in the world. Partners in this campaign include: Delhi Slum Dwellers Federation in India, A New Course in Sub-Saharan Africa, Amazon Conservation Association in Latin America, Advancement for Rural Kids in the Philippines, and Reunion Sportif in Haiti.

Global leaders in the fields of art, music, business, science, athletics, and entertainment have taken up the fight against energy poverty by joining the Solar Justice movement as ambassadors, henceforth known as the “Solar 100”.

“By design, all of MPOWERD’s solar products – whether purchased for use in the developed world or the developing world – are designed to affect positive change. We created the company to solve real world problems with earth friendly, equitable solutions,” says John Salzinger, co-founder and executive vice president.

“Solar 100” ambassadors