Space Florida Awards Mobilicom Follow-On $250,000 Grant Extending Successful R&D Program



Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam

­Mobilicom Limited announced it was awarded a new grant of approximately $250,000 from Space Florida, Florida’s Aerospace, Finance and Development Authority. This grant renews Mobilicom’s contract for another year.

Mobilicom is developing a Multi-Link (MLU) communications system that incorporates three concurrent transmitting transceivers (SDR/Cellular/Satellite) for auto redundancy to address U.S. civil drone regulations. This MLU will extend Mobilicom’s ‘beyond visual-line-of-sight’ datalink functionality to include the use of satellite connections for redundancy, enabling the operation of unmanned systems in areas with limited or zero cellular network coverage.

“Following our very successful and productive collaboration with Space Florida over the past year, this new grant underscores the value that Mobilicom brings to the innovation process in the rapidly evolving drone industry. Our SkyHopper Datalinks already support line-of-sight and cellular network-based ‘beyond-line-of-sight’ communication. By integrating satellite connectivity, Mobilicom is creating additional redundancy to address market needs for long-range drone delivery and inspection operations with ‘always-connected-anywhere’ capability,” stated Mobilicom CEO Oren Elkayam.

About Space Florida

Space Florida provides business financing opportunities for the aerospace industry, manages infrastructure investment in the state’s spaceport system, and facilitates research and development, workforce, education, and investment programs.

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