Stackpole Improves Thick Film Resistor Power Ratings



Electronic devices that require downsizing or increased functionality may utilize high power surface mount resistors to accomplish this. High power surface mount chip resistors utilize materials designed for the higher temperatures associated with higher power levels.

Stackpole's RMCP series is a thick film technology providing higher power capability for a given chip size. Recently the power ratings for the RMCP1206 and RMCP1210 sizes have been improved to 0.5W and 0.66W respectively. This allows a single RMCP to be used in applications that may have required multiple chips of the same size.

The RMCP is a great choice for a wide range of portable electronics applications, power supplies, controls, communications, industrial electronics and automation, filtering, and low voltage input protection.

Pricing for the RMCP depends on size, resistance value, and tolerance.

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