Stackpole Provides Low Cost High Voltage Solution in More Case Sizes



Stackpole's RVC Series has expanded to include 0402 size chips with a working voltage of 100 volts, twice that of standard thick film chip resistors. This expansion provides a low cost solution for high voltage requirements across most standard case sizes. Until now, design engineers had to choose between a high-performance, high-cost resistor to meet the voltage requirements in a single resistor or lining up low-cost resistors in series to handle the voltage. The RVC Series allows engineers to handle voltages up to 3kV in a single 2512 discrete resistor at a fraction of the cost. The RVC 2010 can withstand voltages of 2kV. The RVC series is available in sizes from 0402 to 2512, resistance values from 10 ohms to 100Meg ohms, with 1% and 5% tolerances standard. Pricing varies with size, tolerance, and resistance value and ranges from $0.035 to $0.22 each in full reel quantities. Contact Stackpole or one of our franchised distributor partners for volume pricing on any specific product