STMicro drives SoC strategy supporting GENIVI-based open-source in-vehicle infotainment systems



STMicroelectronics, a semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications and a core member of the GENIVI® Alliance supporting the GENIVI open-source platform for In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems, has successfully registered software stack for its flagship video-processor System-on-Chip (SoC) as compliant with the latest GENIVI specification. The GENIVI platform brings together approved software modules as middleware that supports core IVI-system functions such as telephony, audio routing, Bluetooth® connectivity, and interfaces to items like sensors, cameras and user controls. This approach, which employs open-source Linux-based software selected by the GENIVI Alliance to meet advanced IVI requirements, enables OEMs and Tier-1s to produce IVI systems cost-effectively and quickly introduce innovative new products. By proving that its STiH416 high-performance multimedia SoC can host ST's IVI-SDK GENIVI compliant software stack, ST is advancing its IVI SoC roadmap towards production of a fully automotive-qualified SoC family. Customers using such SoCs will be able to create applications offering differentiated functionality and user-interface features for a variety of automotive markets. "The GENIVI specification is rapidly evolving and it will ultimately ensure in-vehicle infotainment systems can develop quickly and address the broadest possible range of applications for the benefit of OEMs and vehicle users," said Marco Carilli, Director of Software & Applications, IVI Business Unit, Unified Platform Division, ST's Digital Convergence Group. "The GENIVI compliant software stack for STiH416 proves the ability of our system-on-chip architecture to deliver instant response and seamless multi-screen experiences. These features are key to providing safe and reliable driver assistance as well as the same high-quality experiences available in today's connected homes." ST's IVI SoC roadmap is set to combine the advantages of the Company's high-performance multimedia and connectivity system-on-chip IP, processes and infrastructure for producing automotive-qualified ICs, and established presence within the automotive supply chain. ST's STiH416 SoC is an advanced HD AVC processor with support for High-Definition H.264/VC-1/AVS/MPEG2 video and 3D graphics acceleration. It features a powerful ARM® Cortex™ application processor, plus dedicated multimedia processing engine, quad-core graphics processor, audio DSP, and connectivity such as multiple Ethernet, HDMI and USB2.0, plus audio/TV outputs. Also offering outstanding power efficiency and dedicated hardware-based security features, the STiH416 provides ample resources to host the GENIVI stacks and support unique customer IVI applications. STMicroelectronics