Suntron's Mexico facility expands its capabilities to include large-structure integration


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Suntron has announces that it has expanded its capabilities at its Tijuana, Mexico facility. Previously focusing on cable, PCBA, and small box build operations, the facility now offers large complex electromechanical structure integration. The traits that characterize a large complex electromechanical structure include the following: BOMS with greater than 2500 components, integration and test of multiple types of technology and subsystems (complex harnesses, cables, gas systems, fluid systems, electronic PCBAs), and a physical volume greater than 27 cubic feet. Currently the Tijuana facility is assembling product with a physical volume of 200+ cubic feet and weighs 3000 pounds. This product includes 300 cables and complex harnesses, 20 plus modules and over 30 functional tests and requires greater than 350 labor hours to assemble. Large structure assembly occurs in a 27,000 square foot area, which houses all of the sub assembly and final integration operations into a class 100,000 clean room. In addition, the space includes associated product cable and harness operations, as well as all warehousing and logistics. Suntron's Tijuana facility for large structure integration reduces supply chain length, lowers shipping costs, shortens delivery times, and provides a safe environment for intellectual property, low cost, and high-quality labor. Rod Gunther, Suntron de Mexico Plant Manager, is very enthusiastic about the increased customer support the expanded facility is now equipped to provide. "The addition of large-structure integration to Suntron's Tijuana facility is beneficial to our customers on multiple levels," explains Rod. "It provides a high-quality, near-shore, source just fifteen minutes across the U.S. and Mexico border." Suntron