Tail-less 600V IGBTs challenge power design constraints



STMicro 600V trench-gate field-stop IGBT V

STMicroelectronics’ advanced 600V trench-gate field-stop IGBT V series have a smooth and tail-less turn-off characteristic, saturation voltage as low as 1.8V, and maximum operating junction temperature of 175°C, allowing increased system energy efficiency, higher switching frequencies, and simplified thermal and EMI design.

The devices increase switching efficiency and maximum operating frequency by eliminating the conventional IGBT turn-off current tail and have ultra-thin die thickness to assist switching performance and improve thermal dissipation. The proprietary optimized trench gate field-stop process provides improved thermal resistance and maximum junction temperature up to 175°C, as well as tight control over parameters such as saturation voltage, allowing safe paralleling of multiple IGBTs and enabling a greater current density and higher on-state efficiency.

The IGBTs are extremely robust, featuring high dV/dt capability. A co-packaged ultra-fast soft-recovery diode minimizes turn-on energy losses. Diode-free variants are also available for more cost-sensitive applications. ST’s V series IGBTs rated from 20A to 80A are in production now in TO-3P, TO-3PF, TO-220, TO-220FP, TO-247 or D2PAK packages. The 40A/600V STGW40V60DF in TO-247 package is priced at $2.80 for orders over 1,000 pieces.