Texas Instruments ADC drivers set new standard in power and performance to increase accuracy and battery life



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Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) expanded its portfolio of general-purpose, low-power, rail-to-rail output operational amplifiers (op amps) with the introduction of new single and dual analog-to-digital converter (ADC) drivers that provide the industry's highest performance-to-power ratio. The OPAx836 op amps use 33 percent less power than similar solutions while providing more than twice the bandwidth, 15 times faster slew rate, 40 times better total harmonic distortion (THD) and 75-percent higher precision. For more information and to order samples, visit www.ti.com/opa2836-preu "Customers designing portable industrial measurement devices, until now, have been limited by op amp performance when designing with 12-, 14- and 16-bit precision SAR and delta-sigma ADCs in their high-precision applications, such as ultrasonic flow meters, smart pumps and power quality meters," said Steve Anderson, senior vice president of TI's High Performance Analog business. "By providing the industry's highest performance-to-power ratio, the OPAx836 op amps allow customers to drive these data converters to data sheet performance while providing ultra-low power consumption. These ADC drivers allow designers to extend the battery life of portable industrial and medical devices while delivering high accuracy." For customers needing even lower power for battery-operated consumer electronics, such as cameras, notebooks and cell phones, the OPAx835 ADC drivers are also available. The OPAx835 op amps use 60-percent less power than the competition while still providing a best-in-class performance-to-power ratio. For more information on the OPAx835 op amps, visit www.ti.com/opa2835-pr Key features and benefits of the OPAx836 ADC drivers:

  • Lowest power consumption: Extends the battery life of portable industrial, consumer and medical applications with power consumption of 1 mA per channel while providing 205 MHz of bandwidth for driving low-power SAR and delta-sigma ADCs, such as the ADS7945 and the National ADC128S102.
  • Highest performance: Offers 205 MHz of bandwidth with a slew rate of 560 V/us, THD of 130 dBc and noise of 4.6 nV/rtHz to achieve the highest linearity, signal-to-noise ratio and spurious-free dynamic range in its class, resulting in enhanced sensitivity and data converter performance.
  • High precision: Typical input-offset voltage of 0.065 uV and drift of 1.1 mV/degree C for accurate measurement.
  • Smallest package: Ultra-small 2-mm x 2-mm WQFN package with integrated gain setting resistors reduces board space up to 75 percent, compared to the competition.
Tools and support Evaluation modules (EVMs) are available today for the single-channel OPA836 (OPA836IDBVEVM) and dual OPA2836 (OPA2836IDGSEVM) for a suggested retail price of $99 and $149, respectively. A reference design for the OPA836 is also available with the ADS7945 (ADS7945EVM-PDK) and ADS7946 (ADS7946EVM-PDK). EVMs for the single-channel OPA835 (OPA835IDBVEVM) and dual OPA2835 (OPA2835IDGSEVM) can be purchased today for a suggested retail price of $99 and $149, respectively. PSpice and TINA-TI Spice models and TINA-TI reference designs are also available for all four devices. Availability, packaging and pricing Samples and production quantities of the single-channel OPA836 and OPA835 are available in two package options: 1) a 10-pin, 2-mm x 2-mm WQFN, or 2) a 6-pin, 3-mm x 3-mm SOT23. Suggested retail pricing for 1,000 units is $0.90 for the OPA836 and $ 0.85 for the OPA835. Samples and production quantities of the dual OPA2836 and OPA2835 are available today in three package options: 1) an 8-pin, 4-mm x 5-mm SOIC, 2) a 10-pin, 3-mm x 3-mm MSOP, or 3) a 10-pin, 2-mm x 2-mm WQFN. Suggested retail pricing for 1,000 units is $1.50 for the OPA2836 and $1.35 for the OPA2835. Learn more about TI's high-speed op amp portfolio by visiting the links below: