The Bidirectional FAst-Track to Full Current Capability


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Vincotech’s fastPACK 0 HC

Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, today announced the launch of a new fastPACK 0 HC improving UPS, SMPS, solar and welding applications in speed, efficiency and full-current capability for bidirectional usage.

The new H-bridge module is available in the lowinductive flow 0 housing.

The new fastPACK 0 HC module featuring high frequency 650 V IGBT H5 technology in combination with a fast diode enables outstanding efficiency, reliability and perfectly balances cost and performance. This utmost efficient H-bridge module delivers 30+ kHz fsw and is suitable for soft switching to reduce switching losses.

The fastPACK 0 HC enables bidirectional operation for charger and SMPS applications with full current FWD. It is also equipped with integrated capacitors reducing electromagnetic interference.

Packaged in the low-inductive flow 0 12 mm housing the module can also be provided with phase-change material on special request.