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Thin Film Filters Deliver Excellent High-Frequency Performance With low Insertion Loss


FOUNTAIN INN, S.C. – AVX Corporation has extended its portfolio of high-performance, low-pass integrated thin film (ITF) filters with the release of six new 8W LP Series filters in miniature 1206 chip sizes with low maximum height profiles of 0.97mm. Based on proven thin film multilayer technology, the new SMD filters deliver excellent high-frequency performance with low insertion loss and extremely sharp attenuation in wireless applications with frequencies spanning 700MHz to 3.8GHz, including: military and mobile communications systems, wireless large area networks (LANs), global positioning systems, vehicle location systems, and satellite television receivers. The new 8W LP Series ITF SMD filters also feature a rugged construction designed for reliable automatic assembly, allow installers to visually inspect the solder fillet after mounting, and provide a higher-power complement to AVX’s existing 3W LGA-terminated 1206 LP Series offering.

Measuring just 3.08mm (±0.1mm) x 1.6mm (±0.1mm) x 0.87mm (±0.1mm) (L x W x H), the new 1206 LP Series ITF filters are rated for 8W continuous power and operating and storage temperatures spanning -40°C to +85°C, and are currently available in six standard frequencies: 700MHz, 860MHz, 3.2GHz, 3.5GHz, 3.6GHz, and 3.8GHz, with intermediate frequencies within the 700MHz to 3.8GHz range available upon request. The series exhibits characteristic impedance of 50Ω, features lead-free nickel/solder (Sn100) coated terminations for RoHS compliance, and is compatible with automatic soldering technologies, including: reflow, wave soldering, vapor phase, and manual. LP Series filters are 100% tested for electrical parameters and both visual and mechanical characteristics, and are shipped on tape and reel in standard quantities of 100, 500, 1,000 and 2,000 pieces. Lead-time for the series is currently 10 weeks.

For more information about AVX’s new 8W, 1206 chip-size LP Series high-performance, low-pass ITF SMD filters for high-frequency wireless applications spanning 700MHz to 3.8GHz, please visit http://www.avx.com/LP1206-SMD-Filter

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