TI speeds data rates in highly-loaded CAN networks with new transceivers


Turbo CAN transceivers enhance system timing margins in industrial applications

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Texas Instruments today introduced a family of turbo CAN transceivers designed for data rates in excess of 1 Mbps, meeting the growing demand for more nodes and greater data transmission length in today's industrial CAN networks. The SN65HVD255 and SN65HVD256 devices offer short propagation delay and fast loop times to support higher data rates and deliver more timing margin in these systems. These devices continue TI's CAN innovation and provide a next-generation design path from the SN65HVD251 and SN65HVD1050 transceivers. The SN65HVD255 and SN65HVD256 provide enhanced protection features compared to the competition, such as transmit data dominant time-out functionality, under voltage lock-out, and robust electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection at +/-12 kV human body model (HBM), to enable reliable system performance. These enhancements optimize industrial applications, such as factory and building automation, process control equipment, and motor control. To download data sheets or order samples see: www.ti.com/turbocan-pr. Key features and benefits

  • Standards compliance: The new CAN transceivers meet the ISO1189-2 High Speed CAN Physical Layer standard, ensuring interoperability and easing design.
  • Wide data rate range: 1-Mbps operation in highly-loaded CAN networks down to 10 kbps, while including transmit data dominant time-out protection, to support a robust CAN network.
  • "Ideal passive" behavior: When the device is not powered, it appears as high impedance, thereby not loading the system.
  • Extended temperature range: -40 to +125C temperature range supports all industrial applications.
Tools and support Availability and pricing The SN65HVD255 and SN65HVD256 are available today in an 8-pin SOIC package. Suggested retail pricing is $0.50 in 1,000-unit quantities. The SN65HVD255DEVM is available for $49.00 each.