TI's low-power op amps provide best combination of power and performance for low-voltage, cost-sensitive applications



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Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) today expanded its 1.8-V, rail-to-rail input and output, general purpose operational amplifier (op amp) portfolio with the first in a new line of op amps for low-voltage, battery-powered, cost-sensitive industrial, consumer and medical applications. The dual OPA2314 op amp provides the best combination of power and performance, with low quiescent current, low noise and a wide 1.8-V to 5.5V supply range. The device uses up to 40 percent less quiescent current compared to its closest competitor to extend the battery life of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, portable media players, laptops, computer peripherals and blood glucose meters. For more information and to order OPA2314 samples, visit www.ti.com/opa2314-preu Key features and benefits

  • Best combination of power and performance: Low maximum quiescent current of 190 uA per channel and low noise of 14 nV/rtHz at 1 kHz enables low-level signal amplification while maintaining a high signal-to-noise ratio and reducing system power consumption.
  • Widest supply range: Operates from 1.8 V to 5.5 V with rail-to-rail input and output swings. This extends the dynamic input and output range of the amplifier to maintain or improve the signal chain's signal-to-noise ratio.
  • High gain bandwidth: 3-MHz gain bandwidth provides high sensitivity to enable high-resolution systems across a wide frequency range.
  • Low input bias: 0.2-pA input bias current supports high source impedance applications.
Tools and support TI offers a variety of free tools and support to speed development with the OPA2314, including:
  • A universal evaluation module (EVM) that simplifies evaluation by allowing many different circuits to be constructed easily and quickly. The EVM is available today for $5.
  • A SPICE model in TINA-TI 9.1, a SPICE-based analog simulation program. Download TINA-TI 9.1 at www.ti.com/tina-ti-download-pr
  • Software for analysis, application and calculation utilities, including Analog Filter Designer, FilterPro, and calculators for decibel, frequency/wavelength and op amp gain stage.
Availability and pricing The OPA2314 is available now in three package options: 3-mm x 3-mm SON, 5-mm x 3-mm MSOP, 6-mm x 5-mm SOIC. Suggested retail pricing starts at $0.55 for 1,000-unit quantities. Single and quad-channel versions will be available in fourth quarter. Learn more about TI's precision op amp portfolio by visiting the links below: