Toshiba Brushless Motor Pre-Driver Available from TTI



The Toshiba TC78B009FTG 3-phase pre-driver for brushless motor control is available from TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components. The TC78B009FTG drives an external MOSFET and does not require Hall sensors. In addition, a closed loop speed control regulates and maintains the motor rotational speed under dynamic power fluctuations and load variations. Precise setting of a speed profile is done by the built-in non-volatile memory (NVM) and therefore eliminates the need for an external MCU for closed loop speed control. Applications include high-speed fans used in servers, blowers, cordless vacuum cleaners, and robot vacuum cleaners. To learn more, visit the part detail page for the Toshiba TC78B009FTG 3 Phase Pre-Driver at TTI.