Transistor Helps Speed RF Power Design with 65V LDMOS Technology



Mouser Electronics, Inc., is now stocking the MRFX1K80 HLDMOS transistor from NXP Semiconductors. The MRFX1K80H is part of the MRFX series of radio frequency (RF) MOSFET transistors that incorporate a new laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) technology. The LDMOS technology found in the MRFX1K80H helps increase the output power in wideband applications while maintaining appropriate output impedance.

The NXP MRFX1K80 HLDMOS transistor, available from Mouser Electronics, is designed to deliver 1800 W of a continuous wave at 65 V for RF applications from 1.8 to 470 MHz with the ability to handle a voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of 65-to-1 at all phase angles.The device offers impedance matching to 50 Ohms, helping to reduce the overall development time. Designed for an extended power range from 30V to 65V, the MRFX1K80H features a high breakdown voltage that provides enhanced reliability and higher efficiency. The high voltage lowers the current in the system, limiting the stresses on DC power supplies thereby reducing magnetic radiation. The higher output power also helps decrease the number of transistors to combine and simplify the power amplifier complexity and reduce the overall size.

The MRFX1K80H is suitable for linear applications with appropriate biasing and offers integrated electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection for improved Class C operation. Target applications for the MRFX1K80H include industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) applications as well as broadcast, aerospace, and mobile radio equipment.

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