Trend report on world's emerging technologies released



The World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies has released what it calls the "10 most promising technology trends that can help deliver sustainable growth in future decades, as global population and material demands on the environment continue to rise rapidly." The University of Michigan is at the forefront of research and development in a number of areas that are featured among the technology breakthroughs the council described as "nearing large-scale deployment." The university also has a number of experts in this technology. U-M School of Public Health Professor Andrew Maynard is a member of the council that identified the tech trends for this year. "A sustainable future demands smart technology development," he said. "The council's top 10 technology trends provide unique insight into up-and-coming innovations that could change the world for the better. The challenge is to ensure responsible development that improves lives and stimulates economies without creating new problems for the next generation." The trends named by the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Emerging Technologies are: -OnLine electric vehicles -3-D printing and remote manufacturing -Self-healing materials -Energy-efficient water purification -Carbon dioxide conversion and use -Enhanced nutrition to drive health at the molecular level -Remote sensing -Precise drug delivery through nanoscale engineering -Organic electronics and photovoltaics -Fourth-generation reactors and nuclear waste recycling

University of Michigan