TSMC unveils 100-MHz flash-memory microcontroller products


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Embedded flash IP targets automotive, communications, and industrial products

TSMC has launched its foundry segment's first 100-MHz  single-cycle-access 90-nm embedded-flash IP targeting a wide range of automotive, communications, and industrial MCUs. The new macro provides high performance and excellent system efficiency that meets the demanding requirements of faster on-chip flash-memory access and increasing CPU processor speeds. With its 100-MHz flash-access speed, the new IP enables superior integration with high-performance processors to boost processing performance.   Built on TSMC's 90-nm logic process, the new macro delivers significantly reduced size and several times faster speed than its 180-nm counterpart. It provides single chip memory and logic functionality, saving board space and enhancing system reliability. "This clearly is the right macro, at the right time to meet the rigorous demands placed upon MCUs in automotive, communications, and industrial applications," said Sreedhar Natarajan, director of Design & Technology Platform at TSMC. "The new IP is fully compatible with TSMC's 90-nm logic process, allowing for re-use of existing embedded memories and logic libraries that promotes quick product ramp." TSMC provides multiple-generation embedded flash IP that has passed automotive AEC-Q100 product qualification requirements. TSMC