TTI Now Stocks Bourns MultiFuse Resettable Fuses



Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc. is now offering the MF-USHT and MF-NSHT series MultiFuse resettable fuses from Bourns.

The MF-USHT and MF-NSHT Polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient (PPTC), available from TTI Inc., are AEC-Q200 certified and features operating temperatures up to 125 ⁰C. Offered in 1206 and 1210 (3014 and 3024 metric) surface mount packages, Bourns designed the miniature sized MF-NSHT and MF-USHT series as ideal circuit protection solutions for a new generation of high-density boards in Industrial, Transportation, Telecom, and Consumer Electronics applications. The MF-UHST and MF-USHT provide superior resettable fault protection higher hold currents at elevated temperatures with up to 0.50 Amps and post-trip resistance as low as 1.6 Ohms.

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