UNIPOWER LLC, announces the acquisition of Universal Voltronics Corporation (UVC), a company with over 40 years of experience in high-voltage power applications. Currently, the company manufactures high-voltage power products ranging in power from 200 watts to 200 kilowatts, including supplies engineered for X-Rays, lasers, e-beam electrostatic, instrumentation and general-purpose markets. This acquisition is a strategic addition to the company's high-power division, strengthening its position in key photonic and electron beam applications. The addition of UVC improves the market position of UNIPOWER by expanding its high-voltage product offering with a series of standard products while also significantly expanding the company's high-voltage technical development capabilities going forward. Plans are in place to integrate the Sales, Engineering and Manufacturing functions of UVC and its earlier acquisition, Technipower. Placing these businesses under one roof creates critical mass as well as realizing significant synergies. It is expected that full integration of the businesses will be concluded within the following few months. Technipower and UVC are located in close proximity in Connecticut, further facilitating the integration. The consolidation is expected to be seamless to customers and vendors alike. Tom Kell, CEO of UNIPOWER commented, "Adding the products and technical abilities of UVC to the current capabilities of our Technipower business makes tremendous sense. The combination of these two businesses results in the creation of a "real force" in the High-Voltage power arena." UNIPOWER Corporation designs, manufactures and markets switching power supplies, high-voltage power supplies, sine wave inverters, front ends, rectifiers, dc power systems and dc distribution products for telecoms, datacoms, network equipment, servers, data storage, industrial, military and medical systems. Headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida, with manufacturing and technical facilities in Connecticut, the U.K., and dedicated high-volume manufacturing plants in China and Taiwan. www.unipowercorp.com