VAC's Sophisticated Materials for New and Emerging Technologies


electronica Hall B5 at Stand 119

With its advanced range of high-performance inductors, common mode chokes and shielded current transformers - VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co. KG (Hanau) is in the forefront of future-oriented technologies, particularly in the electric and hybrid vehicle sector. At this year's electronica, to be held in Munich from 09 to 12 November, the company will again demonstrate their competitive edge, coupled with its expertise in materials design. In Hall B5 at Stand 119, VAC will also provide information on its latest developments in powerline transformers for smart metering. At the electronica 2010 event in Munich, VAC will present its expertise as a development partner for electric and hybrid vehicles together with a range of production-ready solutions. The company's range of VACODYM® alloys and - if necessary in harsh environment - special coatings is particularly suited to use in the permanently excited synchronous machines in the propulsion systems of hybrid and electric vehicles. Both coated and uncoated magnets are suited in embedded or surface mounted systems. When used appropriately, the unique orientation profile of AP (axial field-pressed) magnets can improve performance. For this purpose, VAC has added a further product to its VACODYM® range of alloys: VACODYM® 881 features a typical remanence of 1.14T and minimum coercivity (HcJ) of 2,385 kA/m, and thus if filling the gap between the established alloys VACODYM 872 AP and 890 AP. VAC's common-mode chokes, also key components for the automotive industry, are based on nanocrystalline material VITROPERM®, a core material with high permeability of > 150,000 and high saturation induction of 1,2 T. VITROPERM®'s properties enable component dimensions to be reduced by a factor of three in comparison to conventional ferrite materials. In addition, with a Curie temperature of 600 °C, high temperature operation enables use directly within the vehicle engine compartments. VP chokes can easily handle high currents exceeding 100 A and operating temperatures of up to 180°C. They enable extremely small, high-performance EMC filters to be built that deliver excellent long-term behaviour and temperature consistency for enhanced reliability and efficiency. Reliability is also the watchword for VAC's current transformers for electronic electricity meters. This new product generation is based on the metallic nanocrystalline material VITROPERM® which permits outstandingly accurate and reliable measurement. A wide rage of models are available capable of measuring up to 400 A. VAC also supplies a range of shielded current transformers for applications in which protection against manipulation with external magnetic fields is a particularly essential criterion. These products provide are a cost-effective method of combating electricity theft. The new range of powerline transformers was designed specifically for AMM systems and is ideally suited for smart metering applications via the conventional supply network system. The ultra-compact VAC components are two to three times smaller than equivalent PLC transformers with ferrite cores and offer outstanding transmission properties. Low distortion, low electromagnetic susceptibility and high dielectric strength of up to 6kV ensure that VAC PLC transformers provide excellent data transmission security. VAC transformers are optimized for use with PLC chip sets by leading producers of active components for powerline applications.