VACUUMSCHMELZE presents inductors, EMC components and permanent magnets at elektro:mobilia in Cologne



The ZVEI (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association) and Koelnmesse, Cologne's Exhibition Centre, is holding the fifth conference for the electric mobility industry on 13th and 14th February. Alongside the conference, there will be an associated trade show and vehicle test circuit. Representatives from industry, policy makers and academics in the field will attend the event to exchange ideas and experience on electric mobility, a main topic of the future. VACUUMSCHMELZE will also attend the event, presenting its extensive range of inductors and EMC components, rare earth permanent magnets and advanced magnetic materials which once again demonstrates its ability to meet the most sophisticated requirements of the innovation-driven automotive industry. In attempts to boost the efficiency of electric vehicles, engineering design focuses on lightweight construction and advanced high-performance electronics. Compared to conventional EMC ferrite chokes, common-mode chokes made from nanocrystalline VITROPERM® commonly enables component dimensions to be reduced by a factor of up to three. VAC common mode chokes exhibit broadband attenuation characteristics, high inductance, low winding capacitance and remain stable across a broad temperature range making them ideal for use in the automotive environment. VAC's VITROPERM® is a soft magnetic material with permeability levels up to 150,000 which can be used to optimise choke design. Using such high permeability cores, the need for multiple windings can often be avoided with the current-carrying conductors or cables being simply routed through the core. This approach allows an extremely compact, weight-optimised solution which reduces copper losses and thus improves the efficiency of the electronic system. With a Curie temperature of 600°C, VITROPERM® can comfortably be used at operating temperatures of 150°C or even higher At the Cologne conference, the VAC Permanent Magnets division will present its rare-earth permanent magnets, these being key components for automotive applications such as motors, ABS systems, EPS sensors and double-clutch transmission systems. VAC magnets are also widely used in auxiliary power units such as electric power steering systems. High coercivity magnetic materials such as VACODYM® 688 or VACODYM® 890 are widely used in permanently excited synchronous motors for the drive trains of hybrid or electric vehicles. Specially developed coatings such as VACCOAT® 20011 may be applied to ensure the magnets comply with strict requirements of corrosion resistance and salt spray atmosphere resistance. Electrically non-conductive coatings such as VACCOAT® 20011 or the new VACCOAT® 30033 not only provide resistance to corrosion from aggressive media, but also act as an insulator to minimise eddy currents in segmented magnet rotors. These eddy currents may generate extreme local heating in the magnets, potentially leading to demagnetisation. The VAC Materials and Parts division will again present applications for its wide range of CoFe alloys with high magnetic permeability and high flux density. By using these materials instead of silicon iron for rotor and stator cores in motors, engines and generators, far higher power to weight or power to volume ratios can be achieved, resulting in compact solutions that save energy and therefore running costs. VACUUMSCHMELZE